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Martin Aitken & Co advises investors and companies receiving investment. The corporate advisory team led by Ewen Dyer and Euan Ferries provide advice at all stages of in the investment process, including:

  • Providing an initial sounding board for companies seeking angel investment and investors looking to invest.
  • – Getting the company investor ready e.g. preparing the business plan, financial projections over the investment period (and often beyond), preparing the pitch for funding.
  • – Sourcing and securing angel investment.
  • – Deal structuring to ensure that investment structure fits both the objectives of the investor(s) and the company.
  • – Tax impacts of the investment on both the individual investors and the companies receiving investment.
  • – Maximising the available tax reliefs e.g. Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.
  • – As well as providing the full range of corporate finance, accounting and tax compliance advice and financial planning services services via Martin Aitken Financial Services.

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